Company vision

Building businesses and developing customer relationships.

King Construction’s aim is to ensure that all customers and clients are satisfied with all our products and services at the same time making sure we conduct fair competition.

Our Costs Drafting team go to great lengths to make sure that our prices are competitively priced consistently through value engineering by continually sourcing new suppliers of materials, services, etc. to improve quality, cost, and delivery of products to our customers and clients.

As a leading Civil Engineering firm, we constantly seek new opportunities of sustainable business growth and to continue to expand into more markets by developing relationships with new customers as well maintaining and building relationships with existing customers.

People are our greatest strength. King Construction believe that by creating a working environment for all our employees that ensures their health and safety is paramount and encouraging the development of staff through education and training.

Gallery of work

King Construction successfully deliver a wide range of client projects that add form and function to the local landscape and economic regeneration, click the link below to view a selection of recent projects.

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