Environmental commitment

Promoting care for the environment and communities.

King Construction promotes care for the environment and the communities in which it operates by:-

  • prevention of pollution and waste in its offices and on all active construction sites
  • conserving natural resources by efficient and economical use of materials, consumables and personnel.
  • identifying and complying with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, expressing concerns for standards, quality and human values.
  • influencing the design process wherever possible to ensure that good environmental and ecological policies are applied to maximum effect.
  • minimising noise during construction activities.
  • identifying to the design team, the potential risk to the environment of discovering detritus or hazardous materials during the construction process.
  • encouraging the use of natural landscaping to promote the existing wildlife and preserve the natural flora and fauna of the area in the immediate vicinity of its construction sites.
  • operating its business in an environmentally conscious manner by promoting continuous improvement, reducing waste, using lead free fuel in its vehicles and providing a safe, attractive and healthy working conditions and environment.
  • by operating an Environmental Management System to the ISO14001 standard.

King Construction actively promotes care for the environment and aims to perpetuate this philosophy by the application of its environment and ecological policies during its day-to-day business and construction activities. This policy will be made available to all employees and the general public and be reviewed on a regular basis as part of our continued commitment.

Protection of the environment is the responsibility of all staff through the company.

“We can drastically reduce environmental impacts by recycling all the waste generated from excavated spoil.”

Managing Director,
King Construction