Midland Way, Warrington

Minor term maintenance

Brief description:

Due to the location of this scheme all work activities had to be delivered in restricted hours employing 2 way temporary traffic lights to control the flow of traffic. This allowed our team to excavate out the carriageway so that new ducting could be installed ready for traffic signals. During this process, the existing splitter island within the centre of the carriageway was also excavated out and a new splitter island with Nal units constructed to allow removable traffic columns to be installed.

Once the kerbline and splitter island had been constructed, the carriageway required planing out to a depth of 40mm to be inlayed with hot rolled asphalt with 14mm pre coated chippings. Due to the site location, planing and resurfacing works had to be completed by our resurfacing team during the night under the control of temporary 3 way lights to control the flow of traffic.

Achievements against targets:

The scheme was completed within the 3 week programme and was on budget.

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