Cherryfield Drive

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Brief description:

Cherryfield Drive/Hall Lane four arm roundabout is located in the Kirkby area of Knowsley and serves Kirkby station and Kirkby town centre which houses the majority of local retail businesses, the community college and residential properties.

The main works consisted of the full reconstruction of the circulatory carriageway and re-alignment of the circulatory cross fall to raise the centre island. The four approaches to the roundabout were planed out to a depth of 100mm and resurfaced. New highway drainage was installed to provide sufficient surface water runoff as well as traffic signal ducts and chambers, in preparation of a future traffic signal scheme.

As a result the re profiling of the carriageway and new drainage system was installed to eradicate the flooding problems. Along with renewing the drainage system we also cleansed all of the gullies in the local area.

The scheme was carried out under a road closure and was programmed to take four weeks to complete. The cost of the scheme was estimated to be £250.000 and to minimise disruption to local businesses and residents our work teams had to carry out 7 day work shifts of 12 hours to finish the scheme as quickly as possible.

One of the biggest concerns apart from actually constructing the scheme was in relation to traffic management as Valley Road is one of the major routes into Kirkby Town Centre from Liverpool, and the roundabout itself is adjacent to the busy town centre. Our Framework Manager and his team worked from the initial brief to develop a fully phased project and health and safety plan, taking into account any public or traffic management concerns. As part of the health and safety management plan, it was decided to close off the scheme in two phases and divert traffic through the town.

Achievements against targets:

The scheme was completed on time and within budget