Hall Lane, Maghull

Case study: Term maintenance drainage work

Brief description:

The carriageway fronting Marie Court High School in Maghull has been prone to flooding during times of heavy rain. One of the main reasons for this was due to the fact that there was an insufficient number of gullies along that particular stretch of road. The flooding problems were investigated by the drainage engineers at Capita Symonds Sefton. When they looked into the problem they realised that there wasn’t a surface water sewer in which they could connect any gullies into within Hall Lane. The nearest manhole that we could connect onto was 150m along the road at its junction with Station Road.

Having explored different options it was decided to install Aco 305 kerbdrain with associated rodding eye units along the low side of the carriageway and to connect the end of the run into surface water manhole on Station Road.

Another problem with the scheme was that the carriageway was quite narrow and that it fronted a busy high school. Capita didn’t have the required notice to close the road so it was decided to use 2 way temporary lights during the school holidays and then complete the scheme at weekends.

Achievements against targets:

The scheme was completed under budget and within the agreed programme.

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