Traffic management
& pedestrian safety

Once the work orders have been assessed, our work teams will ensure they have the necessary traffic and pedestrian management requirements ready to set out the work area before any construction work commences. 

The majority of smaller schemes are delivered by work teams consisting of qualified personnel with a vast range of skills and competencies in traffic management. Qualifications include:

  • New Roads and Street Works Act
  • Sector Scheme 12D, T1, T2 and T7 rural and urban roads

For schemes involving high speed dual carriageways and motorways, our operatives have the support of qualified personnel whose Lantra accreditations will allow them to set out traffic management on these types of carriageway. Their Lantra accreditations include:

  • A fully qualified TSCO Traffic safety officer
  • Sector Scheme 12AB Foreman
  • Sector Scheme 12 A to D operatives

If necessary, all traffic management and pedestrian management proposals can be submitted for approval before the project commences.