Huyton Lane, Knowsley

Case study: Other

Brief description:

The scheme consisted of the construction of a new highway drain, the reconstruction of the footway, the resurfacing of the carriageway, and the construction of 18 manholes to allow easier maintenance to the newly installed highway drain.

The new highway drain included 600m of concrete pipe work with various diameters ranging from 600mm in diameter to 225mm in diameter. A total of 44 gullies were installed and connected to the new highway drain to reduce surface water on the carriageway.

Along with the drainage works, footway reconstruction works were completed which involved renewing 1300m of kerbs and over 2500 sq m of footway reconstruction. A new ducting system was also installed throughout the length of the scheme for future traffic signal upgrade and to link the town centre to the M57 junction 5 at Prescot. Approximately 20 metres of guardrail was also replaced.

As part of our current Annual Service Contract with Knowsley Council an area of 9000 sq m of carriageway was planed out and resurfaced. This consisted of planing from a depth of 110mm to 50mm and replacing it with HDM binder course 60mm thick and asphalt concrete surface course 50mm thick with 14/20mm pre-coated chippings.

Due to the location of the scheme and the constraints of the site it was deemed that a full road closure would be necessary. The scheme was to commence in the month of August and a 12 week construction period was allowed by Knowsley council.

It was vital that the scheme was managed properly as and kept to a tight programme as Huyton Lane was an extremely busy route vital for commuters and shoppers requiring access to Huyton Village. The scheme had to be completed by the middle of November in a small timescale in proportion to the amount of work that had to be undertaken so as not to interrupt the town centre Christmas shoppers.

Various work teams from our labour force including our specialist drainage and resurfacing teams who were employed during various stages of the works and site specific hazards included in the health and safety file included a 42 inch cast iron Victorian water main that was in close proximity to certain areas of the scheme that had to be excavated out. If this water main burst, it would have caused a major flood that had the potential to have caused millions of pounds of damage and disruption for the businesses in Huyton Village.

The scheme was completed within the allocated proposed deadline and to the Client’s budget.

Achievements against targets:

The works were completed within budget and completed two weeks earlier than the anticipated start date.